A Liquor Store Employee Tweeted About Patrick Mahomes’ Extension Before Adam Schefter Thanks To A Chiefs Employee Spilling The Beans

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is easily on the 2020 Mount Rushmore of scoops. It’s Schefter, Woj, a small but growing bust of Shams Charania, and maybe Jeff Passan. But on this day, the news of Patrick Mahomes signing the richest sports contract ever was NOT a Schefter first. The first tweet speculating on a new deal came from a liquor store employee in Kansas City:

PREVIOUSLY: Patrick Mahomes Signed A 10-Year Extension Through 2031 (UPDATE: It’s For $450 Million)

The Kansas City Star shared some of the details on Katie Camlin’s scoop, including her followup victory laps to that deleted tweet:

Props to Katie Camlin for out-scooping one of the greats in Adam Schefter. It definitely helps her accuracy that there isn’t a closet lush in the Chiefs office but a good guess all the same. Here’s hoping that future scoops stroll right into her store’s front door…and that her employers respect her detective skills around a booze purchase. She showed she’s as loyal to her network as Adam Schefter is to ESPN:

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