Alvin Kamara Delivers “Some News”; Breaks Up With Stripper Girlfriend Just Ace

Alvin Kamara is not in love with a stripper, at least not anymore anyways. Back on July 1, Kamara tweeted out this cryptic message leaving many wondering what it could possibly be,

A day later, Kamara delivered the news without really deliviering it,

It seems as if Alvin has said good-bye to his New Orleans-based stripper girlfriend, Just Ace, and she unloaded on him in an Instagram story rant for the ages.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise after Just Ace called out him publicly on Instagram for having a small dick in April 2019.


Well, it turns out she lost him.

To be fair, having Alvin Kamara in fantasy as a surefire first-rounder was a frustrating endeavor last season so this could have been just frustration boiling over regarding that. It happens.

Kamara enters his fourth season as the feature back for the New Orleans Saints and will be looking for more scoring production after recording only six total touchdowns in 2019 after scoring 13 and 18 times, respectively, in 2017 and 2018.

No word on whether Just Ace’s claims regarding Kamara’s manhood are true.

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