Tekashi 6ix9ine Goes On Racist Attack at Brandon Marshall

Former NFL receiver Brandon Marshall is currently beefing with controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine

The artist is often known for going hard on social media towards other rappers.


But now he has his sights set on former NFL receiver Brandon Marshall.

6ix9ine was not happy with how football player turned Podcast star Brandon Marshall treated 6ix9ine’s guy, Youtuber SteveWillDoit, during Steve’s appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast.

6ix9ine slid directly into Marshall’s DM’s and attacked Marsh, who then revealed the messages.

“Yo to you the and the dude in the red shirt that interviewed Steve not the guy with the dreads. Suck my f*cking dick. Steve didn’t know ya was belittinghim and laughing at him not with him but I peeped. Suck my d*ck that’s what u are where u at right now holding on to something u will never have again a career. Lying about FS1 wanting u on TV after you retired ur a f*cking bum. Nobody even knows u or bring u up when they talk football u just another n*gga who made it to the league,” 6ix9ine typed. “U should of f*cking cut ya nast a$$ dreads u would f been on TV. No u just on YouTube.”

Here’s the interview below that prompted the attack on Marshall:

Brandon Marshall seems knee deep in Teksahi comments.

His attack on Marshall isn’t only aggressive but it’s pretty racist.

Can’t blame Marshall for snitching…

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