Jerry Jones Reportedly Tipping His Hand Over Dak Prescott Signing

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a lot smarter than he looks. If he is paying Dak Prescott over $40 million a year, he must have a pretty good reason to do so. Especially considering it took the Cowboys a very long time to commit to Dak. Now that the deal with Dak is done, Adam Schefter is revealing a larger picture is looming. According to him, Jerry may be showing his cards related to a TV deal. According to a league source, they believe the Dak deal may have something to do with a huge NFL TV contract which is coming.

See below:

What does the TV deal have to do with players contracts?

More money from the TV Deal directly  translates to a higher salary cap,  which means more money to pay the players.

Jerry knows what he’s doing, kind of.

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