NBC Reportedly Wants Drew Brees To Replace Chris Collinsworth

While Drew Brees is still fresh into retirement, reports are indicating that his second act is already in full swing. NBC has plans to bring Drew Brees on as a commentator, and might even have a ‘secret plan’ for the legendary QB.

Brees will start out with a role on NBC’s Football Night In America, as well as working on some Notre Dame football games. However, it seems like there might be a much bigger plan in place for Drew Brees.


New York Post reporter Andrew Marchand went on ‘The Colin Cowherd Podcast’ and was asked if he thinks Brees and Mike Tirico could replace Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels on Sunday Night Football.

“Yeah, 100 percent that’s what you should read into it,” Marchand told Cowherd. “NBC won’t say that, but NBC is doing something smart in terms of you bring Brees in, he does Notre Dame, see if he’s good and then you can elevate him. But I think that can go pretty quickly if he is good because that’s kind of their new team, and then they can work toward that next Super Bowl with Drew Brees and Mike Tirico.”

Marchand even thinks NBC envisions Drew Brees calling the Super Bowl when their network carries it down the road.

“I got to see how Brees does.  I think there’s a very good chance not this Super Bowl, next year NBC has it, but the following one four years from there that Tirico and Drew Brees would be the people.”

While we still haven’t even heard how Drew Brees will sound calling a football game, it appears that NBC has already set the framework for him to turn into the network’s ace in the hole.

It’s probably a pretty good bet.

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