Chris Paul Had a Pretty Clear Nut-kick on Jose Alvarado

The NBA playoffs are heating up.

When a player shoots his legs sometimes go forward, an example of this is Reggie Miller, who would lunge his legs forward. That was just how he shot. Suns guard Chris Paul is not one of those players who has an unusual leg kick to his shot, which made his nutkick all the more obvious.

Chris Paul managed to shoot the ball while simultaneously kicking Jose Alvarado in the balls. CP3 has all the tricks.

Watch the CP3 Nutkick below:

Without Devin Booker playing, CP3 and the Suns easily defeated the Pelicans to take Game 5. They now have a 3-2 series.

We’ll see if Chris Paul kicks anyone else in the nuts during the Suns playoff run.

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