Stephen A. Smith Puts NFL on Blast Following Deshaun Watson Decision

Deshaun Watson will be suspended for six games following an investigation into his sexual assault allegations.

For many people this punishment is not enough when you consider more than 30 women have accused him of some form of sexual assault.

Following the news, there were plenty of reactions. Stephen A. Smith even had to weigh in. The talking head made a brief return to “First Take” on Monday as he weighed in on the situation, over the phone. As you will hear, Smith believes Watson is in for a rough remainder of his career, and that overall, the NFL is going to lose out in this matter as they are trying too hard to be like law enforcement.

“The simple fact that Deshaun Watson found himself in this situation,” Smith began. “If you’re the National Football League, ‘OK, you’ve impugned the shield because you brought this unwanted attention to our brand and as a result, that is the reason we want to hand down whatever suspension it is that we want to hand down.’ Because the NFL has been trying to make amends for their dereliction of duty as it pertained to Ray Rice, they’ve gone the route of, as far as I’m concerned, trying to resemble law enforcement. The NFL has gone through extraordinary lengths to try to do what law enforcement is supposed to do. That’s my problem with all of this. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. There is no way in hell that Deshaun Watson can claim complete innocence. But to be fair to him, he has ADAMANTLY expressed the fact that he has been innocent of this.”

Listen to Stephen A.  Smith go in below:

Watson could end up with a longer suspension if the NFL decides to override Judge Sue Robinson, although the NFL has yet to make such a decision.

At the end of the day the six-game ruling is simply a recommendation.

My guess is the NFL is going to stick with this result.

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