Seahawks Fans Rained Down Boos on Broncos QB Russell Wilson in his Return to Seattle

Russell Wilson got a not so warm welcome in his return to Seattle.

The Seattle Seahawks fans booed Denver Broncos QB Russell Wilson when he ran out of the tunnel before the game, and then when Russell ran onto the field for his first series. It was an incredibly difficult thing to see, and those fans were rightfully roasted by a lot of people on social media for doing such a dumb thing.


Watch below:

Wilson did give everything he had to the Seahawks during his time in Seattle. Things didn’t end the way he or the fans might have wanted it to but most of that blame falls on Carroll and Co. for not doing the right things to make him want to finish his career in Seattle. How do you boo a guy who won you your team’s only Super Bowl and would have most likely won another if the coaching staff would have just chosen to hand the ball off to Marshawn Lynch on 2nd and goal from the 1 yard line?

Booing a legendary player is not something you see everyday, especially to a guy who brought you so many good times just because he wanted things to be better for him and his family.

Those 12s who booed last night need to rethink their lives.  Let’s ride!

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