Former NFL Player Chris Long Accidentally Chugged ‘Dip Spit’ While on Air

Everyone and their mother has a podcast these days.

Former NFL star Chris Long accidentally chugged a can full of dip spit while filming his podcast on Friday morning. The stomach churning moment happened in the middle of Long’s “Green Light with Chris Long” show when the ex-L.A. Ram grabbed a can thinking it was water.

At first he wasn’t sure, then he knew what happened. he chugged a a mouthful of spit and chewed tobacco.

“Are you going to throw up?! That’d be great! Do it on camera!”

Watch below:

Anybody who has ever dipped consistently for any period of time has done this at least once. It’s kind of like a rite of passage.

That’s why back in the day you had a designate spittoon.

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