Deshaun Watson Tries to Explain Why He Had Over 40 Massage Therapists

Deshaun Watson may want a mulligan on this one.

The former Houston Texans Quarterback had his introductory press conference with the Cleveland Browns, where he was asked about all the allegations.


At one point, a reporter asked Watson about why he needed to seek out 40 massage therapists, because pretty much everyone thinks it’s highly unusual for an athlete to have so many different massage therapists. Watson was a little uncomfortable answering the question, although he noted it was because of scheduling conflicts and networking.

“Well, I never – as far as the team, and when I say team, I’m not saying the Cleveland Browns, but my agency and things like that,” Watson began. “Forty is just over time. It’s not in one period of time. I’ve been in Houston for five years, so you to different people and that’s just how – like I said before, I can’t go into the details, but as businesses work and you move and meet different people and people have different schedules and block, you kind of meet people over time.”

He also credited Social Media for all his massages therapists.

Of course Watson had a team masseuse he could have used.

Blaming it on Social Media is comical, whatever he’s trying to say.

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