Colin Kaepernick Has A New Message For NFL Teams

Colin Kaepernick has been trying harder than ever to be given a chance with an NFL team.

After it was reported that the longtime free agent would be willing to sign on to be a backup in the league, he worked out in front of scouts at Michigan’s Pro Day.

After that, it was reported that the Seahawks, Ravens, and Panthers were the most likely teams to take a chance on Colin Kaepernick.

On Monday, Colin Kaepernick shared his latest message for NFL teams who are currently considering whether or not they should give him a chance.

“Absolutely,” Kaepernick said of wanting to play again. “That’s without question. To your point, what you saw out here, that’s five years of training behind the scenes, to make sure I’m ready and stay ready at the highest level. You don’t do that if you don’t have a passion, [if] you don’t believe you’re gonna find a way on that field.”

During the podcast appearance, Colin Kaepernick also revealed that he still chases the NFL dreams he had as a child.

“It’s a passion,” Kaepernick continued. “Like, you had those dreams from when you were a kid. I mean, like, I’m gonna be an NFL player, and I’m gonna win a Super Bowl. And for me, I have unfinished business on that front. I’ve been to the Super Bowl. We were one play away. I need to finish that.”

Colin Kaepernick made the Super Bowl with the Niners back in the day. And although he lost that game, it appears as though he’s still motivated by the dream of lifting that trophy up in the air.
Sure, it might be a long shot that he would reach the same success he had 10 years ago, but I’d like to see the guy back in the league regardless. We’ll see if he’s given that opportunity.

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