Anonymous NFL Source Has Telling Take On Deebo Samuel

Will the 49ers really deal offensive weapon Deebo Samuel?

Since he made his trade request public, it has been reported that three teams are trying to pry the star wideout away from San Francisco: the Jets, Packers and Lions.

But recently, the buzz is that the Jets are the leaders in the clubhouse to acquire Deebo Samuel, if he really is traded before next season.

However, NFL insider Josina Anderson has spoken with an anonymous source inside the NFL. And the source thinks that Deebo Samuel will be staying right where he is. Anderson made it clear that things could change, though.

When speaking ahead of this week’s NFL Draft, 49ers GM John Lynch spoke briefly on the team’s stance on Deebo Samuel.

“I’m confident we can find the solutions to work through whatever’s going on,” John Lynch said.

Deebo Samuel also spoke on the situation at hand in a tweet this afternoon, claiming that many sources out there don’t know what they’re talking about.

“To real to entertain half the stuff y’all be saying but it do be funny though… everybody want they voice to be heard about a situation they know nothing about and just be saying whatever the next person say… Have a blessed day,” Samuel wrote, adding a peace-sign emoji.

For now, it appears as though the 49ers are intent on trying to make things work with Deebo Samuel. But obviously, if this situation drags on, they might have no choice but to move on.

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