One Team Reportedly Closing In On Massive Deandre Ayton Deal

Are Deandre Ayton’s days with the Phoenix Suns over?

A revealing report today is indicating just that. Even though Ayton remains a restricted free agent for the Suns, apparently one team is close to a sign-and-trade deal: the Indiana Pacers.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, a Pacers deal is “very close” and could even materialize as soon as today.

Deandre Ayton has blossomed into a star in the league since being drafted in the first round a couple of years ago. But given the Suns’ plethora of star talent and eagerness to add one more player to their core, perhaps they feel that paying Ayton isn’t the logical move right now.

Last season, Ayton averaged a double-double with 17.2 PPG to go along with 10.2 rebounds a game.

Still, Deandre Ayton is just 23 years of age, and could serve as the perfect young player for a rebuilding team such as the Pacers.

We’ll await any more information on this ongoing situation.

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