Aaron Rodgers Reveals His Preseason Plans

Will Aaron Rodgers suit up this NFL preseason?

The NFL preseason is right around the corner, and there have been discussions surrounding whether or not Rodgers will take any snaps. After all, the preseason tends to be fairly useless for star players as the risk of injury is too great, especially for a veteran that has been through it all. Rodgers revealed this week that he actually would be open to playing in the preseason, as long as it is for more than just a few plays. In Rodgers’ mind, he wants to make sure he gets at least a quarter or at least consecutive series under his belt.

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“If we’re going to play, we should play, play a quarter, a couple series, 2-3 series. Just suiting up for 4 plays to me is a waste,” Rodgers said. “When you have a stinker like we did last year in Week 1, there’s always going to be second-guessing.”

Watch Rodgers explain below:

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have a lot to prove this season. The Packers completely restructured Rodgers’ deal to make sure that he was happy playing for the Packers in the long term. But he’s still taking his football career one year at a time. After winning MVP last season, Rodgers was not good in the playoffs and this year, he will have to prove himself all over again if he wants to dispel the narrative that he can’t win in the playoffs.

Rodgers Super Bowl win was all the way back in 2011, and if he fails to win another one before he actually decides to hang it up, his legacy definitely will be tarnished.

Eli Manning won two Super Bowls during his career…

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