Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend Follows his Ex-Fiancée Shailene Woodley

Aaron Rodgers’ love life is getting plenty of coverage lately.

Recently Aaron Rodgers got a tattoo. Now that wouldn’t normally be a story, tons of athletes have tattoos,  but this wasn’t some random tattoo. For one, it was Aaron Rodgers first ever tattoo, which in itself is a big deal. But this particular tattoo was something he got for his girlfriend.

Rodgers girlfriend Blu has an almost identical tattoo.

We’re still learning a little more about Rodgers girlfriend. We recently posted some strange videos of Rodgers new  lady 

Now some more strange activity. Blu recently started following Rodgers ex fiance Shailene Woodley.  Blu has also been  liking some of her posts.

See below:

Our source tells us Blu does not know Shailene, they have never met before, which makes this all the more bizarre.

More cringy behavior from Aaron’s girlfriend Blu. Stalking his ex seems like the next logical move. On a side note, all of Aaron’s girlfriends have always been invited to Tahoe, Blu was not invited, so there’s that.

Check out more of Rodgers girlfriend below:

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