Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers Do Ayahuasca During Touchdown Celebration

Aaron Rodgers offseason experimentation is paying off.

Maybe Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has had more of an impact on his Green Bay Packers teammates than we originally thought.  This past weekend, specifically on the primetime game of the week with millions tuning  in,  after Allen Lazard scored a second quarter touchdown, the rest of the Green Bay Packers offense gathered around him for a unique celebration. They pretended to do the mind altering substance, ayahuasca.

Yep, that actually happened, which is most likely a TD celebration that has never been attempted before.

Watch the Ayahuasca TD celebration below:

This unique celebration is a reference to Aaron Rodgers speaking about taking several  ayahuasca trips back during the 2020 and 2022 offseasons while doing a little vacationing in Peru. The story about Rodgers experimenting  with psychedelics got so big the NFL had to declare that Rodgers wouldn’t be punished, as ayahuasca is not on the banned substance list, so technically it was not a prohibited substance.

This seems like a loving tribute to Aaron Rodgers by his teammates, with maybe poking a little fun at  the legendary signal caller. It was unique and everyone seemed to have a real good time with it. Well executed and clearly well rehearsed.  Most importantly, they did it while they had a huge lead over their rivals, the Chicago Bears.

Rodgers continued his domination of the Bears, extending his record against his NFC North rivals to 25-6.

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