Skip Bayless has Set His Sights Onto Bronny James

Skip Bayless is trolling a brand new target.

Legend Hot Takers, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, returned to work yesterday after some much needed time off. It’s that time of the year that sports is pretty slow, and there’s not much to talk about when it comes to sports.  Fake arguing apparently can be exhausting. For their big returns, ESPN put their superstar on a yacht and had him galivanting all over the Hudson River. Bayless was inside before the sun came up delivering comical takes on Matt Rhule and Baker Mayfield. Skip took a moment to lay off his favorite target LeBron, instead opting to troll his 17 year old son, Bronny James.

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Last night Skip upon seeing Bronny James’ lightning-quick rack attack and jam, Bayless informed the 17-year-old that LeBron would have dunked with the other hand.

See Skip’s tweet below:

You can see Bronny’s dunk:

And predictably, there’s been a decent amount of pushback.

Skip Bayless knows how he made himself into a star, and it’s not due to his good looks or his penchant for flexing. Instead, he’s attached himself to LeBron James like a barnacle on a boat.

Guess it was only a matter of time before Skip passed his fake hatred for LeBron onto his son.

Who knows this just might extend Skip’s career by another ten years.

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