Report: Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley Are in the Process of Making Amends

Pat Beverley and Russell Westbrook are making peace.

Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley are known as sworn enemies, or at least it’s always appeared that way. Back in the day, Russ had a hilarious quote about Beverley in which he said that Pat Bev has tricked the whole league into thinking that he is a good defender. In fact, Russ said that all Beverley does is run around the court. The last few years has seen Russell become the butt of the joke, mostly due to his shooting struggles, and Beverley has made sure to remind him of that every chance he gets. Just last week the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Patrick Beverley, and everyone figured the writing was on the wall on the Lakers plans for Westbrook.

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But apparently they plan on playing together, and making nice. According to a report from Marc Stein, Beverley and Russ have already spoken together and they are in the midst of squashing their beef. As for Lakers brand new head coach Darvin Ham, he seems to have a plan for these two.

Via Stein SubStack:

Ham would like to have Beverley and Russ on the court together as part of his rotation. He thinks the two can complement each other well, and will experiment different combinations of Russ and Beverley on the court together.

This should be good news for Lakers fans, maybe these two can bring out the best in one another.

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