Yermin Mercedes Shockingly Announces His Retirement From Professional Baseball

The Chicago White Sox had a real feel good story on their hands with the rise of Yermin Mercedes at the beginning of the season.

The slugger started off the year by putting the team on his back, and slugging for a ridiculous clip. But as expected, Mercedes has died off a little bit in recent weeks.

However, fans didn’t expect the latest development from Yermin Mercedes. It started early on Wednesday, when the DH revealed a cryptic social media message, hinting that he was contemplating retirement.


With Yermin Mercedes sent down to the minor leagues, and the Sox expecting to re-instate Eloy Jimenez and Luis Robert soon, it wasn’t looking too likely that the Sox would need Yermin’s services in the near future.

So on Wednesday night, Mercedes went ahead and announced he was retiring from professional baseball.

Yermin Mercedes was clearly not expecting to be sent down to the minor leagues after tearing it up during his stint with the big league club.

He has also has a history with old-school manager Tony La Russa. Earlier in the season, Mercedes hit a home run on a 3-0 count and La Russa publicly condemned Mercedes, deeming the move bad sportsmanship.

Instead of hoping to catch on with another club, Yermin Mercedes might have just decided that he wasn’t having fun playing baseball anymore.

Hopefully he changes his mind on the matter. But either way, we’re all hoping that Yermin the best on whatever his future may hold.

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