You’ll Never Guess Whose Name is Being Brought Up to Replace Russell Wilson in Seattle

The Russell Wilson leaving Seattle rumors are heating up. It appears like the train has left the station, and there may be no turning back at this point. If Russell Wilson does agree to be traded, the Seahawks are going to need someone to right the ship. Now there’s reports a familiar name would be willing to step in to fill his big shoes.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“The Seahawks could sign a free agent, like Cam Newton or Jameis Winston or Mitch Trubisky, or Jimmy Garoppolo if he’s cut by the 49ers. They could trade for someone, like Teddy Bridgewater or Sam Darnold. They could use the draft picks they acquire in a trade for Wilson to move up and draft one of the quarterbacks in the 2021 class. (Not having first-round picks of their own in 2021 or 2022 due to the Jamal Adams trade could make that harder.)

There’s something else the Seahawks could do, if they trade Wilson. They could finally give Colin Kaepernick (who is only one year older than Wilson) a full and fair workout, undeterred by the possibility that Kaepernick would divide the locker room on the question of whether he or Wilson should play. (In 2017, given the lingering presence of veterans who resented Wilson, that was a very real possibility.)”

Colin Kaepernick will most likely never make a return to the NFL. He clearly is still  being blackballed.

Kaepernick hasn’t played a down in the NFL  since 2016, but whenever there’s any sort of QB opening, his name always gets tossed in the mix for some reason.

Clickbait city.

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