Brandon Ingram Spotted with a New Lady During All-Star Weekend

New Orleans Pelicans player Brandon Ingram is putting up All-Star numbers this season. But that doesn’t mean the man is an All-Star. While Ingram’s individual stats could have easily put him in the big game this past weekend, the Pelicans are currently struggling, which made it difficult to insert him into the lineup. Ingram will be just fine, he took the time off to work on some of his off the court moves.

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Ingram was spotted over the weekend getting friendly with another lady, and it wasn’t his baby mama, who he recently has been getting along with quite well. 

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See Ingram on a date below:

Ingram was spotted with R&B singer Paloma Ford.

Following Ingram being spotted with his new lady,  his old lady, Amber, put out a cryptic message on IG:

This is what 23 year old NBA players do, they keep it moving until they’re ready to settle down.

Ingram appears to be in no rush to make a commitment.

Check out more of his latest below:

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