Scott Zolak Releases Statement After Blaming Rap Music For Cam Newton’s Struggles

It’s apology season, and the latest victim of cancel culture, Scott Zolak, is doing exactly that, he’s apologizing. The Patriots’ radio color commentator apologized over the weekend after he was lambasted for criticizing Cam Newton. Zolak suggested Cam was distracted by rap music at practice last week.

Appearing on a Boston radio station last week, Zolak suggested Newton “turn off the rap music because I think it’s distracting for Cam here. Because in between every throw he’s dancing.”

Zolak took to Social media to apologize.

“That’s something I know that’s drawn attention for being racially insensitive,” Scott Zolak, who was a backup quarterback for the Patriots in the 1990s, said before New England beat the Giants in the preseason finale Sunday night. “I’m sorry for that comment. I didn’t need to make that comment.”

“Cam’s nothing but class,” Zolak said.

Definitely a very dumb comment, one that will take him a while to live down.

These days it’s always best to say less. . .

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