FedEx St. Jude Championship: Rickie Fowler’s Miserable End To Today’s Round Goes Viral

Rickie Fowler’s weekend has really taken a turn for the worse.

On Thursday, many PGA fans were already deeming Fowler “back” from his prolonged slump after he posted an opening round 65 to start the tournament.

But after a disappointing Friday round, Fowler’s struggles continued today, where a miserable 18th hole proved to be the dagger for any chance to compete this weekend.

Rickie Fowler posted on quintuple bogey nine on the final hole after finding the water multiple times.

Earlier in the year, Rickie Fowler admitted that his rough season has taken its toll on him.

“For me, yeah, there have been times when it has been tough as far as confidence goes, but I feel like we have had plenty of good moments in the last six months to know that it’s still there,” Fowler told Garrett Johnston on the Beyond the Clubhouse Podcast. “Unfortunately, it hasn’t been anywhere near as consistent as we want it to be. But I just keep looking at the glass half full and moving forward.”

Still, Rickie Fowler is confident that he was find a way to win tournaments again, even if that won’t be happening this weekend.

“I probably have the best understanding of my swing and the tendencies and what causes what now more so than I ever have, but that doesn’t mean that it is all of sudden going to work,” Fowler said. “It’s still a very tough and humbling game, so having the understanding is one thing, but being able to go out there and execute and do that consistently is the next step, but I feel that we are in a good spot and heading in that direction.”

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