Paige Spiranac Responds To Troll Who Claims Her Boobs Are Fake

Paige Spiranac is one of the most well known golf influencers on Social Media.

She’s the rare combination  of brains and beauty, and she can even play the game, which is impressive enough on its own. Paige knows her appeal,  but some continue to throw hate her way.  In response to a recent article  in which Paige states that she would turn down any offer to work with the LIV Golf series, one Twitter user quote-tweeted the article with the caption,

“No One in the Golf World Cares About Paige Spiranac’s Views! A Boob Job Does Not Make You a Wise Sage!”

Twitter user Larry couldn’t have been more wrong about his assertion. The part about Paige’s “boob job”? Apparently he’s wrong about that, because Spiranac quickly corrected him by responding:

“They’re real and they’re spectacular.”

Paige has addressed her boobs before during an Instagram Q&A.

Yes, they are real, and definitely spectacular.

Check out more of the all natural Paige below:

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