Former MLB Pitcher Kyle Farnsworth Goes Viral After Pics Show Absurd Body Transformation Since Retirement

Perhaps Kyle Farnsworth waited until after his MLB career to start juicing up.

Or maybe the time off the mound has given him an opportunity to start an even more rigorous gym routine.


Whatever it is, pictures of the former journeyman reliever were circulating the web on Tuesday afternoon, and fans were quick to notice that he looks absolutely jacked nowadays.

“Very rare gym bathroom selfie,” Kyle Farnsworthwrote on Twitter. “4 days out to my first bodybuilding competition. Classic Physique. These past few days have been fun with no carbs!”

At 46 years of age, Farnsworth has taken up bodybuilding, with his first competition coming up this weekend.

“Very excited to be a part of the Sheru Classic and to see what I can do,” Kyle said on Instagram a few weeks ago. “I will be competing in the Novice Classic Physique class.”

At the end of the day, I guess Kyle Farnsworth is finding something to occupy his time now that the baseball grind is over with.

“I have always wanted to do one and it’s never too old to start,” he added. “When you are a competitor, you have to find things to compete in.”

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