Adam Carolla Is Not A Doctor But He Does Have A Lot Of Opinions On Covid

Adam Carolla, a man that nobody has heard from in years, went looking for attention on the internet…and boy did he find it. The former ‘Man Show’ host made his opinions about Covid clear by asking “How many of you pussy’s got played?’


Question 1: How Many Of You Pussy’s Got Played?

Well, the bad news is that a lot of people appear to have been played. I’ve been wearing a mask and staying inside, everyone that knows me must be so embarrassed. I’m not sick and I’ve been being responsible so other people who are old or sick don’t die. Very moronic of me and the millions and millions of other people people that were trying to be safe but are actually just stupid.

Question 2: Who’s Going To Get Played The Next Time?

Well hopefully nobody now that Dr. Adam Carolla has made it clear that if we aren’t sick or old, then we will be just fine! Plus if all the sick and old people die off, when the next fake pandemic comes around, we won’t even have to pretend to care about them. We can just go live our lives since the entire population that will be left will be young and healthy. Hopefully everyone here can tell this is SARCASM. I think the tweets below sum up the stupidity of Adam Carolla’s original tweet.

There aren’t many dumber opinions on Twitter than this, which is impressive since the entire website is based on dumb opinions. The problem with dumb opinions is that dumb people buy into them. Can’t Adam just go back to recording girls on trampolines for attention or is that canceled now so he has to resort to saying dangerous shit on Twitter? Anyway, it looks like he is now trying to use this to get people to call into his podcast. One of you should do it, it’s been a long year and I don’t have the patience.

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