Alex Rodriguez Heartbroken Over Fernando Tatis Suspension: ‘Learn From My Mistakes’

Alex Rodriguez knows what it’s like to constantly make headlines over his mistakes, so he feels the pain of Fernando Tatis Jr.

After missing the entire season due to injuries stemming from a motorcycle crash, Tatis was in the news for all the wrong reasons, once again.

Last week, the MLB suspended the Padres shortstop for 80 games after he tested positive for an illegal PED.

Now, Alex Rodriguez is speaking out.

The former slugger revealed during his alternate Sunday Night Baseball broadcast that he was almost brought to tears when hearing the news about Fernando Tatis Jr. And when speaking on the mistakes that he made, A-Rod opened up on the situation.

“I wish that a lot of these young players who I admire so much would learn from my stupidity and my debacle,” Rodriguez said, “And, it almost brings me to tears to see a kid like Tatis who’s 23 years old, that for the rest of his career, he’s just going to play it out.”

“There’s probably no Hall of Fame,” A-Rod continued, before acknowledging he will likely never make it to Cooperstown, despite deserving to be there, steroids aside.

“I’m not going to go to the Hall of Fame probably because of my own mistake. And that’s heartbreaking for me. It’s heartbreaking to explain that to my daughters. But that’s on me.”

Alex Rodriguez opening up about his mistakes in front of Derek Jeter felt more like an apology to “The Captain” for the distractions he caused as a Yankee. But it was good to hear him get candid, nonetheless.

During the recent ESPN docuseries about Jeter, both A-Rod and Jeter claimed they were hoping to put their differences aside to build a friendship in the future.

At 23 years old, Fernando Tatis Jr. still has a lot to learn, and perhaps Alex Rodriguez can serve as a mentor for the young superstar.

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