One Bettor Counting on Free Agent Wide Receiver to Lead League in TD’s For a Monster Payout

There are bets, then there are gambles.

One bettor is ready to risk it all on a player who is not currently on an NFL roster. One name still on the list of available free agent options is Will Fuller, a deep threat and a former first-round draft pick of the Houston Texans in 2016. Fuller is currently waiting to jump at the right opportunity, but apparently you can place bets on him regardless of his current free agent status.


One bettor is so sold on Will Fuller playing this season, he’s bet $1500 on Fuller to lead the league in receiving Touchdowns.

See the bet below:

The $1500 wager would net the bettor nearly three quarters of a million dollars, so yea, a pretty monster payout.

This tweet says it all:

No matter what you think of Fuller’s capabilities, for one, he’s still  not on  a team. Fuller has averaged 9.2 yards per target, which is solid, he’s a deep threat guy, but his health is always of concern.

Over the past five years, Fuller hasn’t played more than 11 games in any season, so there’s that. If somehow Fuller could land on a team like the Packers,  his odds to be super productive would most certainly improve,  but there’s so much that has to go right in order for Fuller to even play a full season, let alone lead the league in touchdowns.

Bets like this are the very reason Sportsbooks are just raking in dough.

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