Paige Spiranac Shares Story of ‘Unhinged’ Fan Who ‘Threatened’ Her Over $10,000 Scam

Paige Spiranac continues to have the most interesting encounters.

The Instagram golfing influencer recently shared an encounter with a scary fan at the American Century Championships. Paige spoke about the incident on her “Playing A Round” podcast. Spiranac shared the details.

Via NY Post:

“There was some guy… and he comes up and asks me for a picture, it’s fine at first. And then, he goes into how I scammed him out of $10,000 and he started threatening me. It was a really really scary situation,” said Spiranac, who later added how she had her head on a swivel at the event and that it affected her play down the stretch.

“As it turns out, this man was scammed by a fake profile that someone created and it had a fake number, he was unhinged. It was a very scary situation, and luckily I had my team there, so I called my agent over and he was trying to handle it.”

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Apparently the man was not removed from the course, but instead Paige’s agent ended up handling the situation.

Paige continued explaining how she handles these crazy encounters.

“I’ve been dealing with these security issues for a while and they have been increasingly worse in the last couple of months, where these men are getting scammed by these fake profiles, fake numbers, meeting on Google hangouts, whatever you can think of, it’s happening,” Spiranac said. “And then they come and find me or reach out to me and they’re very hostile, very angry because they’ve been scammed out of lots of money, or they think we were in a relationship and I had ghosted them.

“And the scariest part is the fact that all these profiles are anonymous and it’s hard to find out who these people are or when I go to an event or an appearance where there are a lot of people, I can’t put a face to a profile or a face to a name, so I don’t know who is out there… especially with everything that has been happening in the world.”

“I’ve been very, very anxious and nervous and scared and it’s gotten to the point now where I’ll go to events and I don’t post my location. I don’t post where I am… I’ll go days at a time where I’m at and I’m not posting and It’s because I am so scared that someone is gonna come up like what happened at ACC.”

Spiranac is very wary of fanatics.

“I’m just starting to feel I’m living in this bubble and this is something I’ve never truly experienced before and I don’t have the resources or the money to always protect myself with security and it just takes time to handle things, especially when it’s done through the internet and social media,” the influencer said.

It goes along with the territory.  She’s an influencer with a lot of influence, and that’s how she makes her living. Sucks that she has to deal with such crazy fans.

Check out more of the golfing beauty below:

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