Jordyn Woods Responds to Reports That Karl Anthony Towns is Cheating on Her

Jordyn Woods is not going to let anyone slander her relationship with Karl Anthony Towns. When you’re a high profile celebrity couple, there are always plenty of rumors floating around the net. Gossip and rumors are rampant on Twitter and IG. Sometimes it’s best not to even entertain them, but Jordyn Woods, is not about to let someone try to claim she’s being cheated on. Jordyn’s high profile boyfriend is NBA star Karl Anthony Towns.

Apparently someone was passing around fake screenshots that were being circulated on blogs.


Check out Woods’ tweet below:

Karl also responded to the rumors:

Thank goodness that’s all cleared up.

Probably  not the first time something like this has happened, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Check out some pics of the very happy couple below:

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