Urban Meyer Speaks On Future Plans

After the disaster in Jacksonville, it’s hard to imagine Urban Meyer makes his return to the sidelines again any time soon.

Not only did Urban lose a lot of games in his one year with the Jaguars, but he became a distraction, and lost respect from his locker room early and often throughout the short tenure.


Now, Meyer finds himself looking for a job. And during a recent appearance on “The Tim May Podcast,” he was asked if he might have interest in returning to his analyst job on Fox.

“That’s all still in conversation,” Meyer told May. “I love FOX, I love their team and their guys. There’s nothing that’s been finalized yet, but I plan on going back and doing it. I really enjoyed that. I enjoyed celebrating those who play, celebrating those who coach it – it’s a great game. Not being the kind of ripping people to shreds but just celebrating this incredible game, and most importantly, the players that do this game. I plan on being back in the fall doing something like that.”

These are some of the first comments we’ve heard from Urban Meyer since his ousting from the Jaguars. But by the sounds of it, he wants to get right back to the game of football in some capacity.

“I do think Urban [Meyer] will be back in college football, at least as an analyst sometime soon,” Lettermen Row reporter Austin Ward said. “I think he’ll be returning to FOX. I can’t say that it’s done. I think it’s gonna happen again and I don’t think he ever should have left in the first place. He was good and I think they miss that.”

When Meyer left his post at Fox last year, he was replaced by Bob Stoops. But of course, the network could find another spot for Urban prior to the Fall.

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