Jim Harbaugh’s Bachelor Party Laser Tag Story Is So incredibly On-Brand

If you were to say the latest viral story involving Jim Harbaugh was about any other prominent head coach, you might not even believe it. But because it’s Harbaugh, we can all envision it.

Over the weekend, a viral story about Harbaugh’s bachelor party went viral. No, it wasn’t in Las Vegas, there were no strippers, not even any drinking. Instead, a group of the Michigan head coach’s best friends went to play laser tag.

Jim Harbaugh ended up winning the competition. But when looking at where all of his ‘kills’ came from, it was quickly revealed that Jim was just preying on a ten year old kid so he could get his way to the top of the leaderboard.

The whole story resurfaced after ESPN’s Mina Kimes revealed that she, too, competed against kids in laser tag.

This isn’t the first time we’ve touched on a whacky story involving Jim Harbaugh.

When Harbaugh was the 49ers head coach, he attended a party at Michigan — where he was being hit on by a younger student. Instead of flirting back, he proceeded to befriend the girl, only to have her run routes and drills with him at a nearby practice field.

Per mgoblog site:

“He said to the first girl, “keep your hands up, thumbs down,” and he showed her the proper motion with his own hands. When she didn’t get quite right, he grabbed her wrists and showed her how to position her hands. He then paced off 15 yards, held the ball in front of him, squatted like he was under center, patted the ball hard, took three hard steps back, planted his back leg and fired the ball at the first girl. As he let the ball go, you could hear it click as his fingernails hit the ball and, I shit you not, as the ball whizzed through the air you could hear it ssssssssssss… THUNK! It hit the girl in the shoulder and knocked her down.

“Come on, let’s go!” Jim barked. While Girl #1 picked herself up, Girl#2 gamely grabbed the ball and lobbed it back. Again, Jim got in his QB squat, smacked the ball, did a hard three-step drop-back and fired the ball at Girl#3, she ducked but the ball hit off the top of her head and went into the street. Girl#2 ran after it while Girl#3 sat on the ground rubbing her head. When Girl#2’s throw back to Jim was short, Jim got a bit annoyed, and set the girls up in a relay so that two girls were about 25 yards away, and the third girl was halfway in between so that that girls could throw to her, and she would run the ball to Jim. For the next 5-10 minutes, he was firing balls at these two poor girls, knocking them down or hitting them in the face about half the time. He was 100% oblivious.”

Jim Harbaugh is a complete psycho, and we hope he never changes.

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