Tom Brady Joined Drew Brees And His Family On The Field For A Cool Moment After The Game

Tom Brady and Drew Brees have been playing in the NFL for a long time. As it has been widely expected that Brees will retire after the season, it looks like tonight was the last time we’ll see the future Hall-Of-Fame quarterback suit up. Fittingly, Brees’s final game came against the guy who he has been compared to his whole career, Tom Brady.

Brady and Brees have a mutual respect, and maintain a close relationship off the field. After Brady changed into his street clothes, he joined Drew Brees and his family on the field for a cool moment.

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Drew Brees had one hell of a run in New Orleans, and he gave it all he had up to the final whistle. Now, he can enter the next chapter of his life. I’m sure Drew Brees will excel at whatever he decides to do in his post-playing days.

As for Tom Brady, it looks like he has plenty left in the tank. The 43-year-old will face off against the Packers in next week’s NFC title game.

Tip the cap to Drew Brees and Tom Brady, we are all lucky to have been able to watch these two guys play football.

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