Tom Brady Elaborates On His Confrontation With Saints Coach On Sunday

Tom Brady was more frustrated than he has been in a long time during the Saints game on Sunday.

The GOAT was at a loss after Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, and Leonard Fournette all went out with injuries during the game. And Brady looked livid throughout the shutout loss.

During a late interception, Tom Brady even appeared to run over to the Saints bench to tell a coach, “go f-k yourself”.

During the latest episode of the Let’s Go! podcast, Tom Brady talked at length about what was going on when he ran over to the Saints sidelines.

“Oh, we were just exchanging pleasantries,” Brady said, via Rod Walker. “It was a nice night in Tampa. We were just wonderfully, in the heat of the moment, expressing, uh, I wouldn’t say pleasantries, but we were very competitive in that moment. It was emotional. So that’s just football players being football players”

For whatever reason, Tom Brady has struggled mightily against the Saints (more than any other team) during his illustrious NFL career. But he’s willing to shake it off the the team having a good recent history of coaching and defensive playmakers.

“They’re pretty good, they have a really good defense — really good scheme, they are tough to go against,” he said, via CBS Sports. “They are well-coached, have a lot of great players — a lot of veteran players that have played together for a long time. They did a great job.”

Tom Brady and the Bucs will hope to get back on track against Carolina this Sunday. And they still hold the lead in the NFC South division.

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