Innocent Woman Gets Caught In The Crosshairs During Brutal Fight During Packers-Ravens Game

Fans have been making themselves a big part of the story all over sports stadiums over the country since we were welcomed back to live action from the pandemic. But it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Fights have been breaking out all over NHL, MLB, NBA and especially NFL games. And during the tight Packers-Ravens game over the weekend, some unruly fans were throwing haymakers in the stands, yet again.

However, the most concerning part of this particular brawl was when an innocent woman got caught up in all the action.

The woman was clearly distraught as the security guards were sifting through the situation to see which Packers and Ravens fans needed to be removed from the stadium. And we’re hoping she was more so scared than in immediate need of medical attention.

As for the game itself, the Ravens ended up losing on a would-be go ahead two point conversion with a little over 30 seconds left in the game.

I think it’s safe to say the action on the field should have been enough. These brawls are getting out of hand.

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