The Seahawks Are Actually Interested In Hiring Adam Gase As Their Next OC

I will never understand how Adam Gase has been able to land so many prominent jobs in the NFL. The man is a joker, and he’s proved it time and time again. If Adam Gase actually lands an offensive coordinator job after what he just did with the Jets franchise, I will have lost all faith in the league. Nonetheless, it appears as if Adam Gase it going to get a look from Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks.

I surely hope that Adam Gase isn’t the front runner for this position, but to even kick the tires on the idea of bringing him in to work with Russell Wilson seems absurd to me.


Adam Gase was once considered to be a top offensive mind in the league. He’s proven that narrative to be wrong. In the four full seasons Gase has been a head coach, his offenses ranked 21st, 28th, 28th and 32nd in points scored per drive.

Yeah, there should be no coming back from that. Especially for a guy who was supposed to bring high-powered offenses to both Miami and New York. Not only is Gase a bad offensive play-caller, but he’s also lacking in the leadership department.

Adam Gase has feuded with many of his players during his career, which has lead to trade demands, hold-outs, etc. It’s also lead to a lack of trust between his players and their coaching staff. If the Seattle Seahawks know what’s good for them, they’ll cross Adam Gase off their list.

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