The Cowboys Decision To Release Dontari Poe Has Raised Many Questions

Dontari Poe was recently released today by Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. This raised many questions after Poe’s decision to kneel for the National Anthem.


This looks bad for Jerry Jones. However, he tried to justify the release in these comments today.

“When you’re 30 pounds overweight and you’re not doing anything about what’s keeping you from performing well on the field, there is no reason to get into the other stuff,” Jones told ESPN.

Jerry went on to comment on the notion that Dontari Poe’s release could have had something to do with his decision to kneel for the National Anthem.

“I understand your question, and I’m deliberately not going to answer it,” Jones replied. “We have a platform here, but the platform on the football field has a high standard, and he [Poe] was not up to the standard. He needed to correct that, and he did not. I’m going to leave it at that.”

So, maybe Jerry Jones has put that one to bed. At least for now. In Jones’ defense, Poe was pretty bad for the cowboys.

Hopefully Dontari Poe’s next team can get the most out of him. Clearly the Cowboys couldn’t. But then again, the Cowboys can’t really get much out of anyone these days.

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