Watch The COVID Clown Give A Serious Update About The Coronavirus Surge

The COVID clown might be the most terrifying thing I have ever seen. What a stupid fucking idea this Oregon health official had. Watch her talk seriously about the Covid-19 virus as she’s dressed like a legit clown.


Claire Poche, a senior official of the Oregon Health Authority, made an announcement about COVID-19 deaths in the area while not even mentioning her attire.

“As of today, there have been 38,160 cases of COVID-19 in Oregon, with 390 new cases being reported today,” announced Poche via The Post Millenial. “Sadly, we are also reporting three deaths today, bringing the statewide total for COVID-19-related deaths to 608,” she concluded.

Apparently, Poche claimed she was just trying to make a point that even though Halloween will have to look different this year, due to the pandemic, that it could still be a good time.

However, she made this recording 2 weeks ago, on October 14th. It’s only now that it has hit the web. And boy has it hit the web. People are asking a lot of the same questions as I am. The main question being, ‘what the hell is this lady thinking?’

Yeah, I’m gonna need some answers on this one. Let’s hope this is the last time we see the COVID clown make an appearance.

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