A Reporter Asked Bucs OC Byron Leftwich A Question Clearly Thinking He Was DC Todd Bowles During Postgame Press Conference

A reporter clearly didn’t know which coordinator he was talking to after Super Bowl LV––Todd Bowles or Byron Leftwich. The offensive coordinator Leftwich took the podium and was asked a question about how he was able to stop Patrick Mahomes and the potent Kansas City Chiefs offense.

“Going into the game, what was your No. 1 goal on the defensive side to shut Mahomes down, to shut that high-powered offense down?” he asked.

Leftwich was confused.

“Shut Mahomes down?” he asked. “I think you got the wrong guy. I got nothing to do with that. That was Todd [Bowles].”

Sideaction’s Latest:

Both Todd Bowles and Byron Leftwich are African-American. Other than that, the two men really don’t look that alike.

This reporter was clearly coming from a media outlet that doesn’t focus on football. Probably doesn’t even focus on sports. Still, don’t you think you would do your homework before covering the fucking Super Bowl? At least know who you’re talking to at the end of the game.

Luckily for the reporter, Byron Leftwich was a good sport about it, and just kind of laughed it off. Both Todd Bowles and Byron Leftwich played a huge role in Tampa Bay dominating the Chiefs as a slight underdog. I wouldn’t be surprised to see both guys get head coaching jobs in the near future.

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