Cleveland’s Yu Chang Shows Racist Tweets After Error

The anti Asian hate continues on. Indians infielder Yu Chang knows that better than anyone as he shared that he received racist messages on Twitter after a crucial throwing error in Cleveland’s loss Monday to the White Sox. Chang tweeted early Tuesday morning: “Exercise your freedom of speech in a right way, I accept all comments, positive or negative but DEFINITELY NOT RACIST ONES. Thank you all and love you all. #StopAsianHate.”

Two of the Twitter accounts were deleted as of Tuesday morning, and the third quickly went private. The play occurred in the bottom of the ninth with one out and runners on first and second.

After the game, Cleveland manager Terry Francona spoke about the play:

“I mean, that’s one where you just take the out at first. It would have given us two outs and we don’t really care about the force in that situation,” Francona said. “But I will say, earlier in the game, he made one of the better plays when he turned that double play, so in a sense I’m glad he’s not shying away from throwing the ball to second. This will give us a chance to him that that probably wasn’t the right time.”


MLB and other sports leagues have made it clear that there should be a zero-tolerance policy for any racist behavior:

Not much to do except to continue fighting the good fight.

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