Suns Fans Throw In The Towel After Seeing Chris Paul’s Enemy Scott Foster Named Head Official For Game 6

NBA referee Scott Foster might be the final dagger in the Phoenix Suns’ collapse

Suns point guard Chris Paul is already in a slump over the past few games of the NBA Finals. And he won’t be too happy when he sees the list of referees set to work the win or go home Game 6 for the Suns.

Scott Foster, who notoriously gives Chris Paul a tough time, was announced to be the head official of Game 6 in Milwaukee on Tuesday night.

In his past twelve playoff games officiated by Scott Foster, Chris Paul is 0-12.

Sure enough, fans are already writing the Suns’ obituary after the Scott Foster news was announced.


Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns were already five point underdogs to be closed out in Milwaukee tonight. And now they’ll have to face the unwelcomed sight of seeing Scott Foster in the biggest game of their season.

Is it time to put the house on the Bucks tonight?

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