Rams Legend Eric Dickerson Says He Will Skip The Super Bowl Because Team Offered Him Tickets In The Rafters

Rams RB legend Eric Dickerson was not pleased when the team offered him Super Bowl tickets in the rafters for Sunday’s game in Los Angeles.

Dickerson was being interview on CBS Sports radio when they asked him what his plans were for the Super Bowl and if he had to go early. Dickerson responded by saying that he will probably watch the game from home and that he was offered tickets in the “480-488s section”, to which Dickerson responded “I’m going to watch it at home”.

I mean no doubt it must be hard for anyone to get tickets to the Super Bowl simply because it’s in Los Angeles! Every star in the world wants to be at that game. It really makes you wonder what some celebrities are doing for these tickets if a Hall of Fame running back can’t even get mediocre seats from his team.

Dickerson was a 6 time Pro-Bowler and was inducted in to the NFL Hall of Fame in 1999.

He also recently came out with a book called Watch My Smoke.

Dickerson had his issues with former Ram coach Jeff Fisher, when Dickerson was banned from the sidelines on game days. After Fisher was fired in 2016, Dickerson signed a one-day contract with the Rams to mend their problems.

While the two may have mended their issues, this is something Dickerson will remember forever.

No doubt you would think that an icon to the Rams brand like Dickerson would have some sort of pull, it just goes to show the Rams priorities and rank.

With all that said, Dickerson isn’t struggling for cash. If he really wanted to get a fun experience he could have easily purchased tickets or maybe been a little more persistent when the game was announced last year?

With all that said, Dickerson is just hoping to watch his former team claim the title at home on Sunday against the Bengals.

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