Mets Slugger Pete Alonso’s Wife Shared Some Scary Details From A Car Crash Over The Weekend

New York Mets slugger Pete Alonso figures to be a key cog in the team’s playoff chances this season. But prior to Spring Training, the first baseman went through a nasty scare.

Alonso revealed when he arrived at Mets camp on Monday that he experienced a nasty car crash on Sunday, with his car flipping three times.

“Yesterday I got in a really kinda brutal car accident. … To me this is just really special to be here,” Alonso said. “This is a really special spring training because yesterday was a really close experience to death.”

“I’m thankful to be alive,” Alonso added. “I’m really thankful that I’m healthy, very thankful to be here. Anything can happen at any given moment. I’m just really, really blessed to be here.

“One [moment] I was coming here to work, coming to spring training, and next thing I know I’m kicking my windshield in trying to get out of a flipped-over car. Just really blessed to be here. Thankful nothing is wrong. Also thank you Ford for having great engineering.”

Pete Alonso’s wife, Haley Alonso, posted images from the scary car crash on her Instagram page.

Luckily, Pete Alonso and his wife  are both OK following the brutal crash.

The young star led the Mets in hits, home runs, RBIs, batting average, and on-base percentage in 2021. And the team will look for him to be a catalyst in the middle of their lineup for a long, long time.

Pete Alonso’s story is yet another example on how you need to stay safe out on the roads.

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