Former Dolphins RB Ricky Williams Legally Changed his Name

Ricky Williams has a name change.

Appearing on the “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” last week, the former Heisman winner discussed how he changed his name to Errick Miron. The first name isn’t different. It’s Ricky’s birth name, though he’s always went by Ricky. The last name, however, is taken from his wife, Linnea.

“I did it probably a year and a half ago, made it official,” he said. “Something I’ve been thinking about and talking about, and I finally went through the steps. I went to the social security office with my marriage certificate, and I went through the process. It was quick and easy, and it felt meaningful. Really meaningful.”

Williams said the second part of the reasoning behind changing the name is that Williams isn’t really his last name anyway. That’s due to him not really knowing who is dad’s father is.

“It’s one of those family secrets,” he said. “My grandma, obviously, back then you don’t say anything. And so Williams was her husband’s name, but wasn’t my dad’s father. So Williams is not even really my last name. And if you go back far enough, it’s idea of it is a slave name, so I think of what is even the purpose of a last name. And I find more meaning in this last name than Williams.

The internet weighed in on Ricky’s new name

I for one won’t be calling Ricky Williams by his new name.

If you’re going to drop a new name, make it something memorable. Like Ricky Blaze, or Ricky World Peace.

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