Pete Carroll Teases Seahawks’ Waiver Claim for Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham to the Seahawks?

With Beckham officially placed on waivers Monday, all 32 teams can put in a claim for the former Pro Bowl wide receiver before the 4 p.m. Tuesday deadline. If Beckham goes unclaimed, he can then sign with any team. So, are the Seahawks hinting he won’t hit free agency?

Pete Carroll has shown some interest in teaming Beckham with Russell Wilson.

“We’ll see how this all goes,” Carroll said Monday. “As you would think, we’re aware of what’s going on and we’ve been involved to understand to know what’s happening. We’ll let you know as it all happens.

“So I didn’t say yes or I didn’t say no. You’ll see.”

Russell Wilson is also rumored to want Beckham on the team.

The Seahawks do have enough cap space to absorb Beckham’s contract, having the fourth-most available cap space in the league at $13.3 million.

Beckham Waiver watch is on!

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