Paul Pierce Says Something Ridiculous about LeBron James

Oh boy. Paul Pierce was talking about basketball again earlier today and had something ridiculous to say about the legacy of LeBron James. While talking with Jay Williams, Jalen Rose and Maria Taylor, Pierce offered this:

Here’s a brief transcript of the lunacy:

“He’s not top five. You wanna hear my top five? You wanna hear it again? Jordan, Kareem, Russell, and you know who the fourth is? Magic. And Al, you know who’s is in my top five? Kobe Bryant. Argue with me.”

Immediately prior, Pierce stated that he never said that LeBron “wasn’t the greatest of all-time.” To sum it up, LeBron is possibly the greatest of all-time in Pierce’s eyes — it hasn’t been ruled out — but he is also not in the top five. Jalen Rose and Jay Williams were incredulous as Pierce cited a lack of “organizational loyalty” as the primary reason for leaving LeBron off his top five list.

I am by no means a LeBron STAN, but saying LeBron is not a top-five NBA player of all-time is just simply incorrect. I get that opinions can’t actually be “incorrect,” but this is about as close as it comes. At the age of 22, LeBron James took a Cavs team to the NBA Finals that started Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden and Sasha Pavlovic.

As for “organizational loyalty,” LeBron James left a Cavaliers team for Miami that featured Mo Williams, a 34-year-old Antawn Jamison and J.J. Hickson, who Skip Bayless once deemed “better than Amare Stoudemire” in one of his anti-LeBron rants. As Jay Williams put it, “organizational loyalty” goes both ways and Dan Gilbert and the Cavs simply weren’t providing LeBron with the resources needed to win a NBA championship.

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