Patrick Mahomes Reportedly Told His Brother And Fiancee To Stop Attending Chiefs Games

Patrick Mahomes has reportedly had enough of the distraction of having his fiancee, Brittany Matthews and brother, Jackson Mahomes, at Chiefs games.

According to radio host Rich Ohrnberger, Mahomes had a sit down with both Jackson and Brittany following the season and politely asked them to stop attending his games.

“Another interesting note… I’ve been been told, Patrick Mahomes had a sit down following the season with his brother and fiancé. Ultimately it concluded with him asking them to not attend any games this upcoming season,” Ohrnberger wrote on Twitter.

Patrick Mahomes’ fiancee, Brittany Matthews, is often seen in Jackson Mahomes’ TiToks on the sidelines. And the pair have developed quite a reputation for themselves.

Last offseason, Mahomes and Matthews welcomed their first child into the world. And they’ll likely continue to grow their family away from the football field.

But it could be real that we’ve seen the last of Brittany Matthews and Jackson Mahomes at Arrowhead Stadium.

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