Patrick Mahomes Continues to Look Miserable Being in His Brother’s TikTok Videos

Patrick Mahomes’ mojo is fading fast this season.

The once anointed GOAT has come back down to earth, and his statistics are showing he’s really not all that special. At least compared to his previous stats. To make matters worse, his brother and fiancée have been stealing the headlines from him all season long. His Fiancee continues to complain about the refs on Twitter, while his brother also craves the spotlight. He recently sparked some controversy dancing on Sean Taylor’s logo.

Patrick looks to have had enough. He’s been featured in a few of his brother, fiancée’s Tik Tok Videos looking less than amused.

See below:

See some comments below:

Mahomes has managed to throw at least one interception in each of the past six games. He threw only six picks of all last season.

Winning cures all, but when losing starts to happen, you have to look who you’re surrounding yourself with.

Time for Patrick to have a talk with his hanger-on’s.

You can see the full tiktok videos below:

@jacksonmahomes #duet with @jacksonmahomes ♬ original sound – jacksonmahomes


Ride or die

♬ His & Hers – Internet Money & Gunna

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