NCAA Bans “Fake Slide” Following Kenny Pickett’s Ridiculous Play Last Weekend

Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett has had a season for the ages. And per usual, the gunslinger was dominant last weekend – leading his team to the ACC conference championship over Wake Forest.

But one play during the game stood out more than the others.

To start off the scoring Kenny Pickett took off on a run down the middle of the field. With it appearing that Pickett was going to slide, Wake Forest defenders backed off. But when the QB faked the slide with a slick stumble, he kept on running down the field to take the 7-0 lead.

With fans and media members questioning whether Kenny Pickett’s move should be legal, the NCAA took little time before announcing that the “fake slide” would now be outlawed.

On the year Kenny Pickett has accumulated 4,319 yards passing through the air for 42 touchdowns. He also has 233 yards rushing to go along with five touchdowns on the ground.

Even if it’s now a foregone conclusion that Alabama’s Bryce Young will win the Heisman Trophy, one could certainly make the argument that Pickett has a case.

Something tells me Kenny Pickett will be just fine without having the “fake slide” in his arsenal.

It was fun while it lasted.

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