Mike Tyson Took an Ear Bite Out of Roy Jones Jr. Cake

Iron Mike Tyson has a keen sense of humor, and he’s not afraid to make a little fun of himself ahead of this weekend’s exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr. The former heavyweight champ once took a bite out of his opponent’s ear during a match. It was Evander Holyfield who left the ring missing a piece of his ear after Tyson decided to go rogue during their now infamous rematch. Hopefully Tyson vs Jones doesn’t go the same way.

Before the fight, Mike Tyson is fueling up, he feasted on a caked in the shape of Jones’ head on Thanksgiving. Naturally, Tyson had a slice of ear.

“It’s so good,” he says. “Tastes so much better than Evander’s.”

Watch below:


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Tyson then gave the leftovers to his beloved dog:

Mike Tyson is one interesting dude. Not many people are capable of joking about their own attempted cannibalism but Mike Tyson is truly one of a kind.

Tyson is supposedly getting paid $10 million for the exhibition fight.  Not a bad payday for a fight that doesn’t even count. Roy Jones Jr. is only expected to make up to $3 million.

We know at this point in his life, he’s probably lost the taste for ear. Hopefully. The Tyson vs Jones fight should be one of the bigger spectacles of the holiday weekend.

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